• • Use one card per pony;
  • Use one card per class;
  • • You may add up to 6 more shows that are not in the area eg Area 2A, Area 1B
  • Record your results and send to us in September.
  • Please do not include B.S.P.S. Champs or any classes not affiliated to B.S.P.S. eg PUK, N.P.S. etc
  •  Points Awarded In All B.S.P.S. Classes: 1st 6 Points, 2nd 5 Points, 3rd 4 Points, 4th 3 Points,
  • Champion 6 Points and Reserve Champion 4 Points. Double Points At ALL Area 2B Run Shows.

Download Points Card

Basic Info
  • Points Shows Explained
  • ALL the shows on the attached list are “Points Shows”
  • At every show ALL classes that are affiliated to the B.S.P.S. count towards your points.
  • You can accumulate points all season which will be collected on a points card and there will be a points presentation and trophy evening at the end of the year.
  • Points Cards will be available to download, so you can simply record your result from each show and return to the points co-ordinator in September.

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